We are looking for few brave souls to take path on our journey. Our work mainly focus on coding.

So these are the manifest we are looking in our candidates, ranking from most important to least.

  1. Great team player, Open Minded, respect others & willingness to try new things.
  2. Experiences in mobile development either Android, iOS or Python.
  3. Ability to share thoughts, never reluctant to share your own idea.
  4. Ability to bootstrap the project.
  5. Additional Code-able Languages: PHP, Node.js.
  6. Basic knowledge of Version Control.
  7. Good command in English.

To embark with us, you are invited to find a way to communicate with us via this page. In this page we have hid an instruction to do so. Initialize the communication with us in such fashion will consider a great plus.

May the force be with you.

// Peat

Hint#1 – Today, JavaScript console seems very powerful.